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Shop Independent Day: Small Businesses We Love

We are celebrating Shop Independent Day as a Campion Champion with Holly & Co! This national day of recognition highlights small businesses and independent makers all over the country who, just like us, are supported by every single sale, no matter how small.

"Micro businesses are essential to the UK economy — generating £1.6 Trillion and employing 16 Million people — yet 92% of small businesses don’t feel seen, heard or loved." - Holly Tucker

We asked our little team which small businesses they currently admire and support, featuring clothing, homeware, coffee, and more!

The Scentiment
A homeware brand run by 3 sisters that makes some of the nicest trays and coasters; also their candles are AMAZING! - Dani

Salt the Radish
This women owned and led brunch spot in Finsbury Park makes the most delicious brekkie with exciting specials - plus fun, monthly communal supper clubs. - Flo

Katya Rogers
How could we not feature one of our own!? Her surreal illustration style feeds into her hand-punched rugs and recycled silver jewellery. - The Cats

Hood London
Beautifully designed hats and sunglasses, (featured in the below photo), that make my goth heart happy and always attract compliments. - Emmi


Nadine Mos
I love the simplicity and structural style of their dresses, made with an ethical and environmentally-friendly ethos. She also makes amazing ceramics! - India

Dark Arts Coffee
Great coffee, even better merch, and tongue-and-cheek tone of voice on their socials - what's not to like? - Emmi

Minnie-Mae Stott Studio
My go-to port of call for ceramic vases, ornaments and trinkets as special gifts for my friends and family, (... and myself, with one my prized possessions being her Greek Column Vase). - Flo

RMH Jewellery
I love the organic shapes and texture of Ruby's pieces - even each link of the chain is unique, (featured in the photo below). - India

A Brighton-based art shop that works with both local and international artists to create limited edition prints and stationery. - Dani

Token Books
A treasure trove of amazing vintage books that are so unique. Most titles only have a few editions, or even one of a kind finds. - India

Studio Pia
Stunning, ethically made lingerie that leaves you breathless with it's intricate designs.- Emmi

Musée Roo
This independent jewellery maker has a couple of loyal fans in our studio! Her pieces are works of art with historical influences, with vintage chains, reclaimed jewels and hand-carved charms - Flo & India

A start-up online supermarket that specialises in African and Caribbean groceries! It makes it super easy to find and make authentic African cuisine. - Dani

This Wales-based maker creates bold, floral-patterned clothing items by hand, with fascinating texture and shaping for super special outfit centrepieces. - Flo

Hilfreich Jewellery
Willa's jewellery is hand-carved with her illustrations. Her drawings are narrative-based, with stories playing out across the rings she designs and creates. - India