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Hey Hello Hi

Welcome to our very first journal post - we are Jana and Marko, and with the help of a few part time workers and our lovable cats Poe and Raf, we make The Completist happen.

We both have a lot of info to share and we thought this would be the best place to dish out some advice and tips. We had planned to do this ages ago and it has been on the to-do list for so long. It's happened in fits and starts but we promise that with our relaunched website, we'll be better at posting regular updates - from tips and tricks, interviews with some of our favourite people to playlists and inspiration, we have a lot of stuff planned.

Keep an eye out for future posts about design, what we're inspired by, our favourite travel tips and the ups and downs of being a stationery brand (or just an independent brand!). It's our M.O. to be realistic with you so we are not going to sugar coat anything - we promise to give you practical advice from our own experience and an honest recount of mistakes we’ve made along the way. We will also share with you tips for launching new designs or doing your first trade show. 

- Jana + Marko (and all our cats)